What if my stucco is painted?

The reason most homeowners paint their stucco is because the cost of restucco is more than just hiring a painter to paint over the existing stucco.  Although seemingly less expensive up front, the misconception that painting is cheaper couldn't be more wrong.  Here's why...Once, usually within 2 to 3 years, the paint starts decaying, chaulking and peeling, the homeowner calls us and says, "My stucco looks like it needs to be freshened up.  Can I get an estimate?"  Of course we set an appointment to look at the home to discover that it has been painted.  Bad news for your checkbook.  Now we have to hire a sandblasting firm to remove the existing paint.  Why?  Because it is a layer that would prohibit proper bonding of a new stucco coat.  We provide a product that lasts decades, far longer than any paint job.


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Cruz Custom Stucco & Plastering LLC specializes in stucco and stone. We follow all manufacturer's specifications when applying these systems. We guarantee our workmanship and the products that we use.

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