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How long will stucco last?

Longer than you or I. It should last for seven generations. I’ve found those words to be true if a house remains structurally sound. Stucco continues its hardening process with age. In fact, on some patch jobs, I’ve seen stucco holding the house together even though the framing has degraded. Or think about this: stucco jobs more than 5,000 years old can still be seen today in the pyramids of Egypt! So why do people re-stucco? People re-stucco to freshen up or change the color or texture.

Stucco became a term for exterior plaster. When is unknown.  Stucco has been used (exterior plaster) for 1000s of years, some historians say the pyramids where plastered white, over 4000 years ago. But what changed stucco, was the invention of Portland cement in 1843. In England, in a bricklayers kitchen, heating limestone hotter and hotter and he said, it gave it more strength. And so be it, Stucco!


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