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Feb 18

“Denver Hard Coat Stucco Systems”

Cruz Custom Stucco & Plastering, LLC History of Stucco: Although stucco-sided homes became popular in twentieth century America, the concept... Learn more

Feb 04

“Denver Interior Plastering, Stone and...

Cruz Custom Stucco & Plastering LLC Different Types of Stucco Explained Stucco has been used on homes for generations because it is one of... Learn more

Jan 21

“Denver Stucco”

Cruz Custom Stucco and Plastering For centuries, stucco has provided a durable and aesthetically appealing exterior finish for homes and other... Learn more

Jan 07

“Denver EIFS Stucco Systems”

CRUZ CUSTOM STUCCO What is EIFS? According to the definitions of the International Building Code and ASTM International, an Exterior... Learn more

Dec 19

“Denver Custom Stucco and Plastering”

Cruz Custom Stucco While there are several parts of the North America where stucco always has a strong presence, there appears to be a general... Learn more

Dec 03

“Denver Stucco”

Cruz Custom Stucco & Plastering, LLC. Hard-coat stucco is applied either by hand or machine to exterior and interior wall surfaces in two or... Learn more

Nov 19

“Denver Stucco and Plastering”

Cruz Custom Stucco & Plastering, LLC. Why stucco? The thermal efficiency of a stucco E.I.F.S. system can translate into real energy savings... Learn more

Nov 05

Denver Stucco and Plastering

Cruz Custom Stucco & Plastering Alan L. Ruiz Jr. owner of Cruz Custom Stucco & Plastering LLC. has been in the Stucco and Stone business... Learn more

Oct 22

“Denver CO. Stucco and Plastering”

Cruz Custom Stucco & Plastering LLC Humans have built structures made of stucco for thousands of years. Ancient Greek civilization used... Learn more

Oct 08

Why Stucco and Plastering?

CRUZ CUSTOM STUCCO Versatility Stucco is a versatile facing material that can be applied to almost any surface. Stucco colors and finishes can... Learn more



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Cruz Custom Stucco & Plastering LLC specializes in stucco and stone. We follow all manufacturer's specifications when applying these systems. We guarantee our workmanship and the products that we use.

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Dec 08

Some of Stucco’s History

Although stucco buildings were especially prevalent in California, the Southwest and Florida, ostensibly because of their Spanish heritage, this... Learn more


Mar 07

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