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Feb 15

Some of the many Styles of Stucco

Stucco offers a popular building material option for homes throughout the United States, especially in states such as Arizona, California,... Learn more

Feb 03


The term 'stucco' is of Germanic origin and its use has had many applications since the Middle Ages. These range from a coarse plaster or cement... Learn more

Jan 20

Several Reason for Choosing Stucco Siding

If you’ve ever seen a house that looked like it was coated in clay or cement, it was probably covered in stucco siding. It’s an age-old building... Learn more

Jan 04

Stucco Stands the Test of Time

Stucco is used for facing in a wide variety of commercial and residential structures. It may be applied directly to a solid base such as masonry... Learn more

Dec 14

Stucco Tips and Answers to FAQ

Q. Can stucco be painted? The short answer: Don’t!  But if someone has already committed this sin, go ahead and add more. There are paints... Learn more

Dec 02

Luxury, Value and Strength with Stucco

A traditional hard-coat stucco exterior system is extremely strong and durable because it essentially covers your home with a layer of rock.... Learn more

Nov 16

Stucco: Should You or Should You Not Paint...

Cruz Custom Stucco & Plastering Denver, Colorado ------------------------------------------------------------ Stucco is an ancient, even... Learn more

Nov 02

Finest Stucco & Plastering in Denver

Cruz Custom Stucco & Plastering ------------------------------------------------------------ Some stucco trends for your considering:... Learn more

Oct 19

Excellence in Stucco & Plastering/Denver...

Cruz Custom Stucco & Plastering LLC ------------------------------------------------------------ EIFS Stucco Systems Exterior insulation and... Learn more

Oct 06

Denver Stucco Specialists

CRUZ CUSTOM STUCCO & PLASTERING ------------------------------------------------------------ How long will stucco last? Longer than you or I... Learn more



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Dec 08

Some of Stucco’s History

Although stucco buildings were especially prevalent in California, the Southwest and Florida, ostensibly because of their Spanish heritage, this... Learn more


Mar 07

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